Initial Conversation/Interview

This is the most important step in the entire process. Having a thorough understanding of your goals is extremely important especially when it comes to starting a new business. This is the time to feel free to ask any questions and to express your vision. In turn, this will allow us to assist you in the most effective way. It is equally important to understand your long term goals as it is to understand your short term goals. Information which may not seem obviously relevant will help us determine the basis of your practice, setting you up for success.

Finding a space

Location! Location! Location! At some point or another, we have all heard about the importance location can have on the success of a business. Simply put, location is everything. Location is a key element for any business, and this is no different for the dental industry. Working with brokers who have a thorough understanding of the market ensures a fair price will be negotiated for your space. Understanding the market is the most important element in negotiating the lease, but unfortunately, many people take this for granted. A good broker needs to have an in-depth understanding of the dental industry, and needs to have an understanding of basic codes and regulations for construction, allowing for proper and effective lease negotiations.

Demographic/building studies

Obtaining a basic population study is simple, however it does not contain the degree of information needed for a demographic study. A true demographic study includes; size, structure and development of the surrounding population. Understanding the growth, median income and average age are some of the parts of the study that will direct us to assess the potential success of your space. This is imperative for ensuring your practice will be accessible to your target audience, and thus be financially successful. Understanding the type of building will also help during lease negotiations, as well as during the cost analysis/budget planning stage.

Lease/Loan/Financing Negotiations

With such a large variety of financial institutions offering an array of loans, it is common to be confused or overwhelmed when searching for a loan. Most commonly, people will rate loans by the basis of one factor, and choose a loan they think is the best in the rankings. With lease terms often favoring the landlord, it is important to have your interests emphasized as the priority.

Business Entity Set Up

Forming a business entity is important part of opening up a practice. This step protects you from liability and has a direct effect on your taxes. It is important to work with professionals who can guide you in the correct direction.

Insurance Credentialing

An experienced insurance credentialing specialist will be required to submit applications to insurance providers on your behalf. In turn, the insurance companies will validate your qualifications and history to determine whether you will be a qualified insurance provider.

Design & Construction

Value engineering is used to ensure each project is engineered to minimize cost while maintaining the integrity and quality of the project. The construction cost is determined by the material selections included in the architects' and engineers' drawings. Total project costs are regulated by checking to make sure no unnecessary costs accumulate. Quality is never compromised, each product's lifetime projections are aimed to be satisfied. With the right team of experts, your aesthetic vision will be maintained, regardless of your budget constraints.

Initial Staff Building

Your practice is only as strong as your collective staff members; they are at the source of your business's foundation. To create a strong and stable foundation, aim to equip your practice with individuals who will contribute to your success. Finding staff and keeping staff is a very time consuming and exhausting process, however it is just as important as choosing the best practice management software. Quality office staff is an investment into your future business, and can be the factor which determines your practice's level of success. The right staff members will facilitate the day to day running of your office, and allow you to focus on the most important part of your business: your patients.


Marketing begins the moment you begin branding your practice. Today, marketing is most prevalent on social media platforms. Marketing mainly consists of two steps: the initial set up as well as the ongoing marketing. Initial set up consists of setting up your website, finalizing your logo, and setting up your social media platforms. Ongoing marketing consists of social media upkeep, search engine optimization, and advertising. By determining your goals, early on, a unique, customized marketing plan can be created for your practice.

Grand Opening

This officially marks the beginning of your future successful business! Your space is ready for your customers! Invite your friends, family and clients to come celebrate the new space.