Arminco Inc. is proud to partner with leading dental industry manufacturers to provide our clients with the highest range of equipment from dental compressors and dental vacuums to ultrasonic units and handpieces. Based on your budget and goals, our expert dental equipment specialists will help determine the equipment best suited for your practice.

Dental Compressors, Dental Vacuums, Dental Water Solenoids, Dental Amalgam Separators

Dental Mechanical

  • Dental Compressors
  • Dental Vacuums
  • Dental Water Solenoids
  • Dental Amalgam Separators
  • BaseVacSolmetexTech WestO-So PureDental Water Technology

    Dental Chairs, Dental Lights, Dental Delivery Systems, Dental Stools

    Dental Operatory Packages

  • Dental Chairs
  • Dental Lights
  • Dental Delivery Systems
  • Dental Stools
  • Flight Dental SystemsEngle Dental SystemsSummit Dental SystemsCrown Seating DentalForest DentalWestarBoydBeaverstate DentalICWBelmedTPC

    Dental Panoramic Xrays, Dental Intraoral Xrays, Dental Hand Helds, Dental Digital Sensors

    Dental Imaging

  • Dental Panoramic Xrays
  • Dental Intraoral Xrays
  • Dental Hand Helds
  • Dental Digital Sensors
  • Image WorksCarestreamMyRayIridiumMaxray

    Dental Air Driven, Dental Electro Motor, Dental Ultrasonic

    Dental Instrumentation

  • Dental Air Driven
  • Dental Electro Motor
  • Dental Ultrasonic
  • MoritaAG Neovo DentalVector Research & Development Inc

    Dental Autoclaves, Dental Ultrasonic Units, Dental Hand Piece Maintenance Units, Dental Distillers

    Dental Sterilization

  • Dental Autoclaves
  • Dental Ultrasonic Units
  • Dental Hand Piece Maintenance Units
  • Dental Distillers
  • TuttnauerCPAC Equipment, IncBrandMax

    Lathes, Trimmers, Micro Etchers, Vibrators, Vacuum Forming Units, Plaster trap

    Dental Lab

  • Lathes, Trimmers
  • Micro Etchers, Vibrators
  • Vacuum Forming Units
  • Plaster trap
  • Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co.HandlerMiele
    * We partner with: BaseVac, Tech West, Solmetex, Forest, Flight, Engle, Summit, Crown Seating, Image Works, Carestream, MyRay, Iridium, Maxray, AG Neovo, Morita, Tuttnauer, CPAC, Brandmax, Distillers, Buffalo, Handler, Vector, Westar, Boyd, Beaverstate Dental, ICW, Belmed, TPC, Miele, O-So Pure, Dental Water Technology