Design/Floor Plan Review

Our construction managers will review your design, floor plans and MEP drawings to ensure accuracy and makesure all the necessary subcontractors are hired for your project.

Chalk Layout

A layout of your floor plan is drawn in chalk in your space to ensure the spacing, placement and any other specifications of your office are correct. This allows us to visually imagine your space and understand if any changes would need to be made.

Initial Walkthrough

We walk you through the space to allow you to feel how everything will be laid out, and to allow for any changes you may want before physical construction begins.

Construction Kick-off

The beginning phases of your construction begins with groundwork, framing and rough-in. This is when the bones and structure of your space begin to materialize.

Pre-Wall Walkthrough

Once framing and utilities are up and before walls and ceilings are closed, we walk you through your space to allow for any minor changes you may want with outlets, plumbing, or any other utilities.

Construction Completion

We finish the construction of your space by closing the walls and ceilings, installing your cabinets and equipment, and completing the final finishes to your office.

Final Delivery

Once the construction is complete, we do one final walkthrough with you to understand if any additional work would be needed per your personal request. After everything is finalized, we submit all the required paperwork, hand you the keys and allow you to occupy your new office.