Initial Interview

Our priority goal when starting a design project is to understand you; your goals, your passions, and your inspirations. We also seek to understand your budget, geography and target demographic. This allows us to fully understand how you work to tailor an office design that fits the requirements for you to work efficiently and comfortably in space that reflects your personality.

Floor Plan Design

We seek to understand how you work and operate allowing the flow and function of your office dictate it’s form. Creating design boards and presentations visually help bring your vision to life as we conceive your floor plan and choose the materials and finishes that make up your dream office. This personal client collaboration assures the design of your office meets your expectations and our creativity makes sure we exceed them.


Once the floor plan has been finalized, approved and submitted, the construction process would begin. We work closely with project managers and hold tight communication to assure what we have visioned for your office comes to life with complete accuracy.