About Us

team of designers, architects, engineers, construction and project managers

Who We Are

Arminco Inc is a team of designers, architects, engineers, construction and project managers as well as a distributor of dental equipment and supplies. Through experienced collaboration, our firm has designed and built over 700 interior commercial spaces across North America and have become the leaders in dental practice start-ups and build-outs.

We do construction and start up of dental practice

What We Do

Our firm is dedicated in helping our clients through any and all stages of the design, construction and start up of their dream business or dental practice. Throughout our experience, we understand a lot of time and money become wasted through misguidance and miscommunication. With our collaborative team of experts, we minimize these mistakes to create spaces with efficiency and creativity.


Why Us

We aim to build environments that are true to our client’s goals, functions and personalities and ensure that the needs of our clients come first and foremost. We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining client relationships to help realize any project to the highest quality. Every relationship made with our clients is one which integrates communication, transparency and due diligence through each one of our projects.

Our History

  • 1996

    Arminco Inc was established by Father-Son Team, Vahik and Artin Safarian.

  • 1996

    Specialized in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration

  • 2002

    Artin Safarian becomes President and shifted Arminco’s focus to General Construction.

  • 2003

    Arminco starts honing in on dental and medical practices.

  • 2007

    Arminco Became a Full Interior Design and Architectural Firm.

  • 2008

    Expanded into multiple states.

  • 2011

    Mike Marutyan Becomes Vice President and Starts Subdivision of Construction.

  • 2013

    Providing Design and Management Services Throughout The Nation.

  • 2015

    Moved to a new facility.

  • 2015

    Became a Full Dental Equipment Provider and Installer.

Our Team

Artin Safarian Artin Safarian
Artin Safarian

CEO & President

Mike Marutyan Mike Marutyan
Mike Marutyan

Executive Vice President

Dara Aziz Dara Aziz
Dara Aziz

Director of Operations

Melena Shahverdian Melena Shahverdian
Melena Shahverdian

HR Manager

Allison Rasmus Allison Rasmus
Allison Rasmus

Head Senior Designer

Anna Safarian Anna Safarian
Anna Safarian

Accounts Manager

Moe Taheri Moe Taheri
Moe Taheri

Warehouse Manager

Andy Avetisyan Andy Avetisyan
Andy Avetisyan


Yoni Weiss Yoni Weiss
Yoni Weiss

Equipment & Supply Consultant

Gohar Markaryan Gohar Markaryan
Gohar Markaryan

Executive Assistant

Sasha Hewadpal Sasha Hewadpal
Sasha Hewadpal

Senior Consultant

Araik Safarian Araik Safarian
Araik Safarian

Consultant of Architecture & Design

Henry Tome Henry Tome
Henry Tome

Equipment & Supply Consultant

Mehdi Farzad Mehdi Farzad
Mehdi Farzad

IT / Software Developer

Cinthia Suarez Cinthia Suarez
Cinthia Suarez


Alfred Manalang Alfred Manalang
Alfred Manalang


Marta Deptula Marta Deptula
Marta Deptula

Senior Designer

Ruben Reyes Ruben Reyes
Ruben Reyes

MEP Administrator

James Ton James Ton
James Ton


Heath Johnson Heath Johnson
Heath Johnson

Equipment & Supply Coordinator

Greg Harutyunyan Greg Harutyunyan
Greg Harutyunyan

Material Coordinator

Shawn Bashiri Shawn Bashiri
Shawn Bashiri

Service Technician

Kevin Sears Kevin Sears
Kevin Sears

Project Manager

Vahagn Danielyan Vahagn Danielyan
Vahagn Danielyan

Project Manager

Louis Gonzalez Louis Gonzalez
Louis Gonzalez

Project Manager