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Your design team provided a conscientious and personal dedication and appreciation of my needs and expectations for the new office. They took a rather dull space and proposed an ambitious layout and design. At each step in the process, they made sure that my continuing needs and expectations were met. In the end, the finished product exceeded even my wildest dreams. 

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Patients are constantly complimenting me on the beautiful office and those compliments are largely due to the fine work of your company. It is rare in this day of mediocre quality and lack luster warrantees that one finds a company of the highest caliber that stands behind their work like Arminco does. 

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Thank you for the exceptional service, outstanding communication, and attention to detail you and your team provided. One of my highest compliments to you is the way you responded to inevitable changes, managing to minimize any impacts to schedule and budget, while being flexible, fair, and understanding.

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I found each point of contact at Arminco to be highly professional, knowledgeable and very supportive to this new, and at times seemingly overwhelming, experience. Thankfully, with the experience and professionalism of Arminco Inc., I was able to open my office not only ahead of schedule, but also with reduced stress.

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Arminco worked tirelessly to perfect my floor plan design. Instead of charging me for every cycle of changes I requested, they patiently worked with me as I reworked my design many times over. They helped me develop my vision and then put it into reality.

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They stuck to the time frame, budget and everything went very smoothly. Now I have a beautiful, state of the art, modern dental office to call my own!

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I found [the staff] at Arminco I dealt with friendly, accessible throughout the project and easy to deal with. The company is small enough that I feel the completion of my project was as important to them as to me, yet at no time did I feel that this project overextended Arminco’s resources.

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Arminco was the best decision I made for my office. The good thing about them is you don’t need to contact multiple companies, just walk in to Arminco’s office, decide what you want and what you need, they will take care of it for you on time; guaranty, hassle free.

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