Stone Carver Professional Office Building

It’s been a full year since our construction team celebrated the ground-breaking at Stone Carver Drive in Aldie, Virgina. From a 3D image on a computer screen to a majestic 2-story Class A Office Building, the journey has been surreal.

Stone Carver

Dedicated Design

In midsummer 2014, Arminco architect Nima Biabani began the design process on the Stone Carver Professional Office Building. Having received an approved site plan, he turned his focus to creating the maximum amount of usable space within the predefined footprint. He designed a structure composed primarily of steel in order to avoid columns obstructing the flow within the office space. A series of increasingly detailed 3D computer renderings were contrived to help future tenants visualize the completed building.

Complete with Character 

The exterior façade posed an additional design challenge as it was limited in color and material by community guidelines. Working within these restrictions, Nima’s design focused on maximizing the amount of natural light entering the office suites. The building was completed in July of this year, and since that time Arminco Interior Designer Zehra Arif has been working with clients to create custom build-outs within the building. Current tenants include a general dentist, a dermatologist, a pulmonary specialist, and an OBGYN.

Perfect Practice Solutions

The Arminco team had two goals in mind throughout this project: convenience and comfort for future tenants. The building lot was chosen for its close proximity to the new StoneSprings Hospital Center. The office condos are made available for purchase or lease, for whichever the clients’ budgets allow. Although four doctors have already settled into their brand new offices, there’s still more room to fill!

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