Buying a Practice is an Investment

When you’re ready to own your own practice, there’s two options you may be considering; building a new practice or buying an existing one. Let’s focus on things to review for the potential purchase of an existing practice. Client Base One of the main lures to obtaining an existing practice isto also obtain the existing […]

Arminco Inc. Partners with Mach One to Distribute Specialty Orthodontic Products and Services in the D.C. Market

[ Andy Molina, President Mach One ] Coefficient Connections Broaden Services for Orthodontists Arminco Inc. and Mach One, both family-run companies, have partnered together to better service their orthodontic clients, both locally and nationally. Mach One has become known as a trailblazer in their industry, focusing on serving the needs of orthodontists through high quality […]

Don’t Skip the Open House | Advice from Artin

A practice’s Open House is a momentous event in the company’s history. Whether you’ve remodeled your practice, opened a new location or you’re beginning a brand new practice, you won’t want to skip hosting an Open House! Having an open house provides an opportunity for potential patients to interact with you and your staff in a […]

Evaluate Your Supply Costs

Keeping supply costs down is a struggle to which almost all dentists can relate; with that in mind, we’ve developed a few methods that can help you make your ordering process more manageable. Start by preparing a list of your most commonly ordered supply items, which can be obtained from prior invoices or statements from […]

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Much like Benjamin Franklin’s common axiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, regular preventative maintenance performed on your dental equipment will save you disruption and expense in the future. Some maintenance is simple and can be completed by office staff, while others may require professional technical attention. Have your service professionals […]

Jump Start Compliance

As of December 15, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency has established new guidelines to moderate and reduce the amount of mercury being emptied into public water treatment centers. For dental offices, the main source of mercury discharge in these public centers, this means installing or updating amalgam separators to trap the mercury present in dental amalgam fillings before being released into the waste system. Once […]

We’re Now Offering Dental Supplies!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of dental supplies to our range of services and products! Our products include extensive assortments of disposables, infection control items, small equipment, impression materials, hygiene and surgical instruments, specialty items and more. To start the New Year off with a bang, we’re offering complimentary sample supply distribution in appreciation of our clients. […]

Get Your Office Noticed Online

Aside from providing exemplary dental care and customer service, a successful dental practice must also make patients feel comfortable and confident. One element that is essential to establishing confidence in your practice is a strong website, which will most likely be a potential new patient’s first impression of your office and staff. Using original photography on your […]

Ask Questions, Before Hiring a Consultant

“Consultant” is often a misnomer for “referral source,” although both share common characteristics. To clarify, a referral source relays contact information for industry players, while a consultant should ultimately investigate and evaluate these players to determine which expert would be most useful and appropriate for you, and save you money overall.   Are you hiring […]

Meet Our Mavens

Arminco’s three project specialists are involved throughout each client’s journey with the company, and are the initial points of contact. Their industry expertise allows them to work closely with their clients to find the most desirable solutions from budget to build-out. Congratulations to Mark Lussier, who has never had a cavity! The long-term care and consideration he shows […]