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Function, practicality and aesthetic values are all considered to be crucial elements in designing a dental practice. We carefully employ these characteristics to all of our architectural and interior design services. With over 500 pediatric, orthodontic, oral surgery and other dental practices successfully designed, we have the experience to deliver innovative and powerful solutions for all of our clients. We have proven time and time again that Arminco Inc. is the company you can rely on to produce a practice tailored to your needs.

Nationwide Design and Architecture

Arminco Inc. is proud to be able to offer architecture and interior design services across the United States. We work with dentists in every part of the country and assist them with their unique design requirements. Understanding the ergonomics of the industry is the key to designing an efficient practice, and something we do quite well at Arminco Inc.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

Arminco remains a well-known expert in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services, which is unique in the dental design-build arena. Rather than hiring outside engineers and architects to draft MEP drawings and schematics, riser diagrams, and specifications, Arminco has in-house engineers and architects who are thoroughly familiar with the requirements for specialty dental projects.

Visualize Your Practice

Arminco offers a variety of ways, throughout the design and build process, to assist clients in visualizing their future practices, including: