An Arminco History: Tried & True Philosophy

Developing a dental practice is a lengthy, in-depth and complex process. The Arminco team has collectively developed and implemented a systematic and simultaneous design-build process that serves to lessen stresses, reduce costs, shorten timelines and eliminate unnecessary hassles. Overall, we’ve successfully strived to create a smoother and faster approach to office development.


Modest Beginning

Our family-run company formed in 1996 and served as experts in the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. Building on this crucial foundation, we expanded the company to include the construction of restaurants, and then other commercial properties. In 2004, the Arminco team was contracted to design and build our first dental office. Throughout this undertaking, we noted the intricacy and specificity surrounding this particular type of construction.


Dental Specialization

As we went on to complete additional dentists’ offices, similarities for each project emerged. Primarily, dentists require huge mechanical apparatus, heavy electrical and plumbing components, and considerably large equipment. With our integral knowledge and experience of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, it was axiomatic that Arminco would be a maverick of innovative dental offices.


Blending Design into Building

The collaboration of our inventive designers and architects with our solid construction team has allowed us to execute each project ahead of the industry norm. This unique fusion grants us the opportunity to complete the project designs while the construction permits are tied up in the lengthy county processes. Our diverse in-house staff collaborates to eliminate the mistakes that are prevalent when dealing with multiple and separate design, architecture, construction, and equipment companies.


Equipped with Equipment

At Arminco, we endeavor to bring it all together for our clients. After the combination of our design and construction services, the logical next step in client convenience was to offer our dentists the availability of a wide range of dental equipment for purchase, delivery and installation. We swiftly followed with a full-fledged department devoted to equipment service and preventative maintenance. We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Boyd and Carestream to bring not only convenience, but top-of-the-line quality.


Together, we are extraordinary people, producing superior results.


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